ARCHIVE of August, 2015

Ranking on Google without Back-Links by Crafting Unforgettable Copywriting

“Location, Location, Locat… I mean, Content, Content, Content!” When we start off by asking “how can I rank higher on Google?” we’re already making a big mistake. Asking that question is approaching the problem from the wrong angle. It’s kind of like watching a dog chase his own tail--..
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7 Solid Reasons not to Use WordPress | Custom Proprietary CMS vs. Modified Open-Source CMS, Pros & Cons

Are you trying to build a website? Getting quotes from vendors? Are you a web designer trying to decide on a CMS software platform? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this article is a must read before you do anything else. WordPress is usually the front-runner; the..
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Does your SEO Company Rank for LOCAL SEO?

For local search engine optimization, one of the most valuable keywords to a business is: “INSERT YOUR MAIN SERVICE” + “INSERT YOUR CITY” That seems pretty straightforward, right? A dentist in Los Angeles would probably want to be on page 1 of Google for: “Braces” + “Los Angeles” or..
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