ARCHIVE of September, 2015

What is SEO? | Volume 1: Tell me like I'm 5 years old

Confused about all the stuff you're reading about SEO online? In this article, we explain it like it is. No fluff. What is “SEO”? Search Engine Optimization Great, so what exactly is “Search Engine Optimization?” (please don’t go to Wikipedia, even though I know you will, because you will become more confused after..
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How to be a Great Manager | Lessons from an Experienced SEO

I’ve not always been in the SEO/Internet marketing industry. My previous careers include the commercial real estate and fitness industries. I was a multifamily broker with Sperry Van Ness and also a Personal Training Consultant with LA Fitness; and, even though I’d like to forget about it, I’ve had a..
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How to Build an in-house SEO Agency

Outsource your SEO, or build an in-house SEO team? That’s the question that many small to medium sized businesses face. Should I hire a full-time employee to handle all my internet marketing needs? Or, should I partner with an SEO agency? In this article, we will explore all the necessary..
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