What is SEO? | Volume 1: Tell me like I'm 5 years old

Confused about all the stuff you're reading about SEO online? In this article, we explain it like it is. No fluff. What is “SEO”? Search Engine Optimization Great, so what exactly is “Search Engine Optimization?” (please don’t go to Wikipedia, even though I know you will, because you will become more confused after..
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How to Build an in-house SEO Agency

Outsource your SEO, or build an in-house SEO team? That’s the question that many small to medium sized businesses face. Should I hire a full-time employee to handle all my internet marketing needs? Or, should I partner with an SEO agency? In this article, we will explore all the necessary..
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Ranking on Google without Back-Links by Crafting Unforgettable Copywriting

“Location, Location, Locat… I mean, Content, Content, Content!” When we start off by asking “how can I rank higher on Google?” we’re already making a big mistake. Asking that question is approaching the problem from the wrong angle. It’s kind of like watching a dog chase his own tail--..
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Does your SEO Company Rank for LOCAL SEO?

For local search engine optimization, one of the most valuable keywords to a business is: “INSERT YOUR MAIN SERVICE” + “INSERT YOUR CITY” That seems pretty straightforward, right? A dentist in Los Angeles would probably want to be on page 1 of Google for: “Braces” + “Los Angeles” or..
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seo services on 3 Benefits of Working with a Local SEO Company in Los Angeles
October 30 2017, 03:03 AM
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amit on The State of SEO 2016
June 12 2017, 06:40 AM
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Stella Claire on What is SEO? | Volume 1: Tell me like I'm 5 years old
May 17 2017, 12:52 AM
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10 Must Do's for a Start-up Company
So you have your million dollar idea, thought of a catchy company name, and even registered a d.b.a. with the city, what’s next? Before you even consider doing search engine..

3 Benefits of Working with a Local SEO Company in Los Angeles
LA Local SEO is an internet marketing agency specializing in local search engine optimization, social media optimization, website development, and IT services. With a laser focus on the greater..

5 Unforgettable Marketing Lessons I Learned from My Cats
Cats are extremely good at getting what they want. They might be the best at doing so. Thus, it warrants further investigation into why cats are the best marketers ever. ..