Penguin vs Possum, The New Batman Movie

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Just kidding folks. There's no movie. It’s two big Google algorithm updates that have landed and are here to live with us forever. Sorry to disappoint you, Batman fans.

Google algo updates

Great News for Local SEO, The possum update

This is the best thing that’s happened to local SEO since Yext! (if you know anything about SEO, that’s a sarcastic comment)

But we are 100% serious about the “possum” update, as it’s being called, being AWESOME for local SEO.

It’s awesome if you’re doing everything legitimately, of course.

The Google “Possum” update tackles local SEO citations directly-- and surely this probably penalized a lot of spammers and boosted a lot of small mom ‘n pop shops that don’t even know what SEO stands for, much less know to focus on improving it.

So how did David beat a million Goliath’s today?

Well here’s what people think the possum update does:

“ if a business falls right outside the physical city limits for a particular city, they have a seriously hard time ranking for any keywords that include that city name. These businesses often don’t even fall into a city “technically,” according to Google Maps.

After this update, many businesses like this saw massive increases in their local ranking.” - per Joy Hawkins of SEMJournal

Penguin 4.0 integrated into Google core algorithm, real-time


What is Penguin?

The penguin algorithm targets sites with unnatural backlinks, but previously (before last week), it was periodically updated-- so a website could have fixed all the spammy backlinks, but rankings would take up to a year or more to reflect the improvements.


We think these are great moves for Google.

Every SEO practitioner who is doing things the right way can only cheer for these changes. If you’ve been creating high-value content and engineering an inbound marketing funnel, then your site and your clients’ sites have only up to go.


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